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Rhodium Oil-Plus - The Amazing NEW Super fish attractant

Designed for my own personal use, I can assure you that RHODIUM OIL-PLUS will attract fish to your hook!

Anglers in the know can attest to this remarkable combination of Natural Oils that drive fish CRAZY!

A few sprays of Rhodium Oil-Plus on your hands, tackle and bait masks the human scent normally left behind.

Works in SALT and FRESH WATER!

Rhodium Oil-Plus, "The Super Fish Attractant", is finally available to the public. Catch the BIGGEST and the MOST!!!!
Happy Fishing, Mike!!!!

Super Scent Fish Attractant, Special blend of scents, Makes all lures and baits more effective

We unknowingly toss baits all day long that have come into contact with fish-negative smells such as sunscreen bug spray, gasoline, cigarettes and our own human scent. Applying Rhodium Oil-Plus to a lure will mask or eliminate undesirable smells, leaving your bait free from repellents and smelling attractive to any fish that happens upon it. The application of this super fish attractant will make your offering feel and taste alive, convincing a fish to hold on to the bait for a much longer time, ultimately allowing an angler to "feel" the fish first and then set the hook.